brett hills
brett hills
maestas & ward

Hills defined (hills) n. 1. A series of landforms that extend above surrounding terrain that often have distinct summits. 2. A team player who elevates the collective 3. A trusted commercial real estate adviser 4. One who creates and nurtures long lasting relations 5. A well published Taos extreme skier 6. One who lives everyday to the fullest

I am enthusiastic in all that I do.
Creating trusting relationships is my core value.
Being mentored and providing mentorship in tandem nurtures my continual growth.
I embrace the team concept and the challenge of problem solving.
I lead by example in all that I do.
I strive to exceed people’s expectations of me always and in all ways.
I continually endeavor to master new technologies and obtain market knowledge to better serve my clients.
I treat all people with the utmost care and respect.
I provide my time without expecting the same in kind.
I will say “Yes” when I can and “No” when I can’t.
With confidence I can ask for help when I need it.
I will learn something new everyday.
Each day I will rededicate myself to my positive attitude.
My mantra is to live everyday to the fullest.

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brett hills